Killer Genius

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Killer Genius

Steven Van Patten

Killer Genius: She kills because she cares

Imagine if you lived in a world where you couldn’t be racist, sexist, an uneducated bully or even a career criminal without being killed. That is at least part of the vision of The Killer Genius, the most elusive serial killer in human history. Her methods are diverse and her knowledge is unfathomable. Sometimes she kills up close, other times she can be miles away. No matter how she decides to kill, one thing is clear – if you’re chosen, you’re as good as gone.

Will the one cop she deems a worthy adversary be able to stop her, or will she tear New York and the world at large apart to achieve her version of a New World Order?

Nominated by The African American Literary Awards Show in the category of Best Mystery/Suspense Novel of 2016


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